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Conveyors roller are an essential part for materials handling, for many industries. Wainwright Engineering manufactures both powered and gravity roller conveyors in standard and customised models.

Our conveyors are simple and functional for safe materials handling at all levels, offering reliable maintenance free operation.

Wainwright's engineers can design and manufacture for heavy, medium or light duty.

We have the expertise to engineer general equipment and conveyor parts.

Powered Rollers

Depending on the type of materials that need to be moved, powered roller conveyors provide a number of benefits to your business, including:

Gravity Powered

Our gravity roller conveyors are manufactured in various lengths and widths, roller diameter and pitch. All equipment and parts can be purchased directly from us, the manufacturer, ensuring a unified solution.

Wainwright offers custom manufacture and design, allowing for material movement of different shapes and sizes.

Gravity or powered conveyor rollers and equipment can be purchased in separate units, or we can engineer to your specific requirements. Economical gravity conveyors can be purchased in a skate wheel version, allowing maximum product accessibility. All Wainwright systems are self-contained and slim-lined. The simple design offers a cost-effective and simple material transport solution.

Unlike powered rollers, gravity rollers produce movement via natural forces. As they require no power, they are an economical material solution and are used in many industries for their overall simplicity and ease of maintenance. Mounted in a simple, yet effective frame, the gravity conveyor uses free running static rollers constructed from steel, stainless steel or plastic. Wainwright has the expertise to engineer conveyor rollers to meet your requirements and duties. Parts and equipment can be customised.

Aside from simplicity and cost, gravity roller conveyors have many benefits including:

Our Solutions

Wainwright Engineering Services, provides quality Masterbuilt conveyors manufacturers to businesses large and small. Our systems are an excellent material handling solution, and can be customised to your unique requirements.

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